The government of US gives ability to investors to assess the progress and the history of companies, as well as it also helps to make the much reasonable assumptions about their future through the set of requisite filings. Such kind of filings is mainly the registration statements, periodic and formal reports and different kinds that are offered to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which is also known as SEC.

The SEC was created in year 1930 help to stop the fraud and manipulation of stock, it is the regulatory watchdog. They help to collect documents detailing complete financial as well as operational health of the domestic as well as foreign companies which have also traded and owned the stock by public.

Key pointers!

  • Investors may even assess health of the company and make some assumptions about their future by reviewing the requisite SEC filings.
  • The statement of Registration offers you with the details about security and about the profitability of the company.
  • A report of 10-K provides the much comprehensive yearly summary of the financial performance of company.
  • The Proxy statements are required prior to soliciting the investors and include the procedure of voting, background information of the directors, salaries of managers, and other crucial information that are not accessible readily in different statements.

Registration Statements

The Registration statements offer the investors with a clear understanding about the offered securities as well as about profitability of company. All the companies, despite of the fact they are foreign or they are domestic, you must file these kind of statements and qualify for any such exemption.

10-K Report

The 10-K offers the investors with the most comprehensive analysis of company. This is quite much similar to the prospectus and it also contains more details as compared to the annual report. For example, financial statements are quite detailed and even the companies should submit the lengthy annual filing in just 90 days of end of every fiscal year.

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